I provide ADD treatment and ADHD treatment for adults and adolescents 17+. Get a referral to my General Psychiatry and ADD/ADHD Clinic from your GP.

Treatment is provided if appropriate after assessment in Nedlands (attracting Medicare Rebates).

Contact us with your referral from your GP and we will make an appointment for you. .The Downloads page contains information on Charges so ensure you understand these.

The self report scales under LINKS are for EDUCATIONAL purposes ONLY. They cannot be used for self diagnosis.

You are welcome to ring us but for many reasons we often cannot answer the phone. WE MUCH PREFER EMAIL CONTACT.

Key Information

  • Charges

    17 February at 09:30 from atlas

    Accounts are payable on the day. There are significant out of pocket charges so see the summary under Downloads.  Most of the non ...

  • Our Home in Nedlands and Recommended Resources

    11 February at 08:08 from atlas

    In downloads you will find a number of patient information brochures, many of which have been produced by the Royal College of ...

  • So you have ADD/ADHD but dont want to use medication

    11 February at 08:07 from atlas

    Psychological approaches can help and are often used in conjunction with medications. ADHD in Adults by Susan Young and Jessica ...

  • Medication for ADD/ADHD

    10 February at 18:42 from atlas

    Important information about the most common drugs used for ADD/ADHD can be found under the 'What you need to know' document in the ...

  • Management of ADD/ADHD

    10 February at 16:59 from atlas

    Additional information you need to know is summarised in Diagnosis and Management of ADD available under downloads