Key Information

  • Charges

    17 February at 09:30 from atlas

    Accounts are payable on the day. There are significant out of pocket charges so see the summary under Downloads.  Most of the non ...

  • Our Home in Nedlands and Recommended Resources

    11 February at 08:08 from atlas

    In downloads you will find a number of patient information summaries. Other important resources I recommend regularly are: ...

  • So you have ADD/ADHD but dont want to use medication

    11 February at 08:07 from atlas

    Psychological approaches can help and are often used in conjunction with medications. ...

  • Medication for ADD/ADHD

    10 February at 18:42 from atlas

    Important information about the most common drugs used for ADD/ADHD can be found in the Download section. WA prescriptions can now be ...

  • Management of ADD/ADHD

    10 February at 16:59 from atlas

    Additional information you need to know is summarised in the treatment flow chart available under downloads

  • Tony's CV

    10 February at 09:59 from atlas

    Tony has worked in different countries and different States of Australia. He has experience as a clinician in public and private ...

  • Publications

    10 February at 09:07 from atlas

    Tony has completed work in Mood Disorders, Alcohol Problems and Management with a smattering of more unusual interests such as Scotland, ...