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Points of Difference

Providing the highest levels of patient care and service is of the utmost importance to us at the practice.  Here are some ways that Dr Anthony (Tony) Mander offers his patients superior care and service.


Tony will use Skype for follow-up appointments if you wish. These may be rebateable if you live in remote or rural Australia (check eligibility with Medicare).

Enhanced Care Service

We offer an enhanced care service and will explain the costs of this when you come for your first appointment. It is entirely your choice if you want services delivered this way. Even if you are on enhanced care you can make appointments when you believe a face to face consultation is preferable (traditional care). You can also switch from enhanced to traditional care (or vice versa) at any time at your request.

Enhanced care allows you to transact your business with the practice without coming into the office. The cost is similar to the payment for the minimum two appointments you would otherwise need per year to renew your prescriptions. You can imagine how much more convenient it is to be able to order your prescription by email, especially if you have left it until the last minute. Otherwise you might have to wait 6-8 weeks for the next available appointment.

If you use this service we use express post to send your prescriptions, so we can track them. That, and email contact, are so highly valued by patients in the practice that more than 95% select this form of care. Of particular value is access to Tony by email.

Email Access

If you have elected to use our enhanced management facility, then you may have access to Tony by email. We’ve found that patients appreciate this form of contact and our practice is the only one of its kind locally that does this. You will find email access useful:

  • To answer your medical questions.
  • To emphasise the key things that you talked about in a session.
  • To ensure your progress is monitored and Tony knows how you are doing.
  • To ensure timely changes to medication and provision of prescriptions
  • To complete annual reviews
  • To provide travel certificates, responses to employer’s questions, letters for customs, or reports for academic institutions

Our emails are not currently encrypted, but we are investigating ways of making them more secure.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr Mander, please contact our Nedlands practice today.


Dr Anthony Mander | 08 9386 7855