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What to Expect – New Patients

In our warm and professional practice environment, Dr Anthony (Tony) Mander (Psychiatrist) provides professional psychiatric evaluations and always maintains the highest levels of confidentiality.

Making Your Appointment

When you make your appointment, our friendly staff will ask you for your GP referral. You will then be sent an appointment letter and a brochure about AD(H)D. When you come to see us please enter the Hollywood Hospital Grounds by Gate 5 from Monash Avenue and allow 2-3 hours for the initial appointment.

What Should I Bring?

If you have any school reports that highlight any incidences of attentional problems, please bring these with you. If you feel comfortable doing so, we encourage you to bring a relative or friend, who knows you well. Tony will interview them separately to get a supporting history.

The Process

After greeting you, the friendly staff will review the various tests that will be administered and answer any questions you have. After test completion Tony will interview you and discuss with you a treatment plan depending on diagnosis. If no supporting evidence is available, you will be asked to complete a simple computer test of your attention and concentration to provide objective evidence of your difficulties.

You will be given a booklet summarising the key information you need to make the most of the treatment Tony recommends. If you have an attentional disorder and need stimulant medication, application will be made on your behalf to the Health Department of WA. You will need to have a urine drug test to satisfy the Health Department you are not taking illicit drugs. Arrangements will then be made for follow-up and for assisting you in managing your condition long term.

A Weighted-Evidence Approach

Dr Mander combines the results of the tests, his clinical assessment, and any support that might be available from a relative or friend; previous professional assessments; and school reports. He takes all these things into account and is looking for the weight of evidence to be in favour or against a diagnosis. It is not one thing that makes the diagnosis; rather, it is the sum total of all these things.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If Tony finds that you have AD(H)D, he will choose medication he feels will best address the condition. This is the first step. Think of it as the start of a treatment path that is optimised to your circumstances. That may include coaching/counselling and treatment of any other conditions. It will certainly include treatment stabilisation and ongoing monitoring. It is Tony’s goal to takes great care to ensure that he never misses a diagnosis.

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Dr Anthony Mander | 08 9386 7855