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What to Expect – New Patients

Dr Anthony (Tony) Mander (Psychiatrist) provides professional psychiatric evaluations and always maintains the highest levels of confidentiality.


Before Your Appointment

You will complete a series of assessments after we have received and accepted your GP referral, and before we make your appointment. Your appointment will be via a telehealth platform.

What Should I Provide?

If you have any school reports that highlight any incidences of attentional problems, send them to us.

The Process and Summary of Key Issues

Prior to the appointment Tony will have reviewed the information that has been provided and the test results. Following the clinical interview he will discuss with you a treatment plan depending on diagnosis.

Our booklet (see resources) summarises the key information you need to make the most of the treatment Tony recommends. If you have an attentional disorder and need stimulant medication, application will be made on your behalf to the Health Department of WA. You will need to have a urine drug test to satisfy the Health Department you are not taking illicit drugs. Arrangements will then be made for follow-up and for assisting you in managing your condition long term. We use an enhanced care arrangement so that you can get rapid feedback using email, and quick access to medication by having your prescriptions posted. This is also explained in our booklet. You may find the following summary useful:

  1. We treat only ADD/ADHD
  2. We use videoconferencing, telephone and face-to-face for our appointments.
  3. Our staff work remotely so we communicate via email.
  4. You must be at least 21 years of age and resident in Western Australia.
  5. All payments are made in advance and via one of our payment platforms. No other payment options are available. We do not accept third party payments.
  6. We do not treat patients with major comorbidities that we believe might require emergency or hospital treatment as we do not have access to those facilities. This includes most individuals with a history of psychosis, psychiatric hospitalisation, personality disorder, bipolar 1 or 2, autism, anorexia, brain injury or severe depression/anxiety.
  7. We never accept individuals who have a history of substance abuse including the use of marijuana. This is not permitted by the Health Department and is not medically safe alongside standard treatments for ADHD.
  8. We DO treat those who have depression, anxiety, ASD, and binge eating disorder that are obviously associated with ADHD or are well controlled. In fact, most of our patients are in this category.
  9. You must be able to use escripts
  10. We do not tolerate demanding, offensive, or aggressive emails of any kind. Non-compliance, which includes failure to follow instructions related to treatment, or problems with payment, will result in us terminating the treatment agreement.

A Weighted-Evidence Approach

Dr Mander combines the results of the tests, his clinical assessment, and any support that might be available from a relative or friend; previous professional assessments; and school reports. He takes all these things into account and is looking for the weight of evidence to be in favour or against a diagnosis. It is not one thing that makes the diagnosis; rather, it is the sum total of all these things.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If Tony finds that you have AD(H)D, he will choose medication he feels will best address the condition. This is the first step. Think of it as the start of a treatment path that is optimised to your circumstances. That may include coaching/counselling and treatment of any other conditions. It will certainly include treatment stabilisation and ongoing monitoring. It is Tony’s goal to takes great care to ensure that he never misses a diagnosis.

Check our fees then contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Dr Anthony Mander | 08 9386 7855