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Quality Survey Results

It is important that services are of high quality and meet patient’s needs. Since October 2017 patients in my practice have been surveyed to ensure we met or surpassed their expectations. My staff and I take these results seriously and respond to any issues raised. The completion rate is currently 54%.

What does NPS mean under questions 1 and 2?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures patient experience and is used to gauge whether patients would recommend the practice to others. Those scoring 9 and 10 are promoters; 7 and 8 passives; 6 and below detractors. This allows the calculation of the NPS which is used by many businesses in different industries to assess performance. It allows comparison with other similar businesses

Results can range from -100 to + 100. They can be grouped as follows:

-100 to 0 Needs Improvement
0-30 Good
30-70 Great
70-100 Excellent

So: Anything over 70 is Excellent

The first 200 completed surveys were lodged by late January 2019. They are attached so that you can see for yourself how the practice is rated. Half of the 200 respondents have left comments in response to question 12. In summary:

Average recommendations across 3,000 health care organisations (Survey Monkey) 49
Tony’s patients’ recommendations to friends and family 75
Tony’s patients’ recommendations to others with AD(H)D 82

Read the quality feedback from the first 200 completed

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