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The basic cost of an ADD/ADHD assessment is $685. If GP referred, and otherwise eligible, you will get a Medicare rebate of about $228 towards this cost, which is processed after your appointment. There are additional costs ($150) for specialized testing needed for new patients (which are not rebated by Medicare).

The INITIAL PAYMENT is therefore $835.

If accepted for treatment there are ongoing costs:

Your ANNUAL ENHANCED CARE FEE is $980 per year

This is not subsidised by Medicare. As it is paid in advance your initial payment is due immediately after acceptance for treatment.

Some things are not covered in our enhanced care package. Your biannual review appointment (once every 2 years) is covered but there are out of pocket fees for additional appointments and for items not considered routine (see our patient handbook which can be downloaded from the resources page).

We also offer an ENHANCED CARE PLUS package which is more expensive but bypasses our wait list.

Our Payment Policy

All fees are payable in advance. Make sure this is not an issue for you. Cancellation and non-attendance fees apply. We provide full details on the financial consent form you sign before you commit to your first appointment. Also note that all payments are processed via one of our third party payment platforms (Ezidebit or Ezypay). Their fees are added to any payment you make to us. They provide you with a comprehensive list. Other forms of payment are not possible.


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